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In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked collaborator, creative and dear friend Lauren Slater about her journey with motherhood ; Balancing maternal duties, her own identity and her career in the fashion industry.

Introduce yourself, where are you based, what is your role within the fashion industry, how long have you worked in this role for?

I am a freelance fashion stylist, producer, and creative director; and a mother of a 14 month old girl, Isobel Cece. I have worked in different facets of the fashion industry over the the past 20 years, and have recently relocated from Sydney to Brisbane to raise my daughter closer to my family. My role as a new parent saw me step away from full time work and has enabled me to expand my previous experience as a stylist into shoot production and direction.

How do you navigate balancing many professional roles, and your role as a mother?

I am fortunate in the fact that I work freelance, which allows me to navigate and dictate my workload and balance. As a creative director, the majority of my pre and post production is done from my home office. My days on set are my biggest source of inspiration. It’s such a pleasure to be back in the presence of likeminded creatives, but prioritising time to raise my daughter and be present for milestones is paramount.

What advice would you give to other mothers aspiring to pursue a career in the creative (or fashion) industry, whilst raising a family?

There are many diverse and interesting roles within the fashion industry, and fortunately being predominantly a female oriented field, there is much support around working mothers and flexibility within these roles. Dive in, make contacts, find your fit! 

Has your journey as a mother influenced your personal growth and identity in any way?

"One of the most intriguing things about early motherhood is the sense of losing personal identity. Whilst gaining what feels like some kind of maternal superpower; becoming so intuitively immersed in motherhood and diving wholeheartedly into this new role, I felt I lost a part of my former self. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition. Your life has changed forever, your heart instantly expands beyond belief. Life takes on a new meaning. You will never be who you used to be. It’s exciting. It’s all consuming… and then all of a sudden, it’s confusing. I struggled with my personal style as I started working again, however it naturally came back working back in a creative environment, there is constant inspiration that you don’t find at home. What motherhood has done for my personal growth, however, is simply indescribable. Only a mother will know."

Do you have any mother’s day rituals?

Last year I took myself and Isobel to Halcyon House for our first holiday together, to bond and relax.

This year, I am excited to spend it with Issy and my beautiful mother.

The most important ritual to me is spending it with the women we love, and celebrating motherhood. It is truly life's greatest gift. 

Thank-you, Lauren!

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