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In honour of Mother’s Day, we spoke to Stylist, and long-time collaborator, Simone Farrugia about her life as both a mother and professional stylist.

Introduce yourself, where are you based, what is your role within the fashion industry, how long have you worked in this role for?

I'm Simone Farrugia, a Melbourne based freelance fashion stylist. I have been working as a stylist full time for 10 years now….

How do you navigate balancing your professional career as a sylist, and your role as a mother?

My husband and I are a team… always equals. We tag team being “on” at home. We're both creative freelancers yet somehow we make it all work. Our schedules are consistently inconsistent so our family calendar is a must.  We also have a supportive family around us. My parents do a school pick up at least once a week!

What advice would you give to other mothers aspiring to pursue a career in the creative (or fashion) industry while raising a family? 

I think go for it! You have zero chance of success if you don’t try!… Network with other mothers, we're all in it together. Some of my closest friends and mentors are other mums I met in the industry!

How has your journey as a mother influenced your personal growth and identity?

Ahhh so hugely it’s hard to answer! Being a mother has given me the kind of strength and resolve I never knew I could be capable of.. I have such a hugely different perspective now on what’s important in life.

"..If you had of told me 15 years ago when I was 25 what makes me the happiest now at 40… I would have laughed… but here I am!"

Finally, do you have any mother’s day rituals?

Only the cliche ones… Breaky in bed, hand made cards and opening the very crappy but so very excellent Mothers day gift from the stall at school… always a laugh! 

Thank-you, Simone! | @SimFarrugia