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A decade of DOF Studios.

DOF Studios was founded in 2013  by footwear designer, Melissa Butera. From our studio in Melbourne, we create discerning footwear and accessories collections that harmonise practicality and beauty with equal importance.

Our brand is a commitment to the art of real shoe making; full of passion, generational knowledge and individuals who are proud of their meticulous skill and Italian heritage.

A continual undercurrent of Italian design nostalgia runs through each collection as we celebrate street style, Italian culture, and traditional methods of craftsmanship.

DOF Studios is a brand rich in contemporary pragmatism that is decidedly refined and considerate in balancing investment-worthy collections with confident creativity.

DOF Studios today is a state of mind as much as it is a design house.  We exist to design for the discerning woman who wants and expects more, who is inspired by the confidence of European dressing.  We don’t follow trends we design for a woman who is confident in her style,  who leads a busy life and who is looking for that investment piece she will love for seasons and years to come.” 

- Melissa Butera (Director & Founder of DOF Studios).

The Art of Shoemaking

We proudly brand our shoes and accessories with a 'Made in Italy' stamp. This phrase is the foundation of DOF Studios.

Since the very beginning, we have manufactured in small generational factories in both Italy and Australia, where the practise of traditional shoemaking has become endangered.

Quality and comfort is at the forefront of our design pillars. Our close relationships with artisanal manufacturers means we can promise the highest quality material, hardware and final product for our customers. We ensure our product is made by artisans who are paid living wages in great working conditions.