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001 - Isabella Mamas

We interviewed our dear friend and Vogue Fashion Assistant, Isabella Mamas, whilst at the nail salon.

Firstly, and arguably the most important part of this nail salon chat, can you tell us about your outfit today?

B: On my agenda today was emails, a lunch at midday, and a few errands in general. I wanted to be comfy but also fun and chic! I stole my T-shirt from a friend when I spilt pasta on my own when having dinner at her house a few months ago. The skirt is my new favourite from Matin, even though I’ve had it in my wardrobe for 10 months. And then an ode to Zoe kravitz with a red sock!

On the topic of personal style, can you describe your personal style in 3 words?




And 3 things we should know about you?

I'm super short

I hate dressing myself!

I overshare absolutely everything

What does a day in the life at Vogue look like for you?

I am the fashion assistant at Vogue Australia, which essentially entails, assisting all editors on fashion shoots, organising the cupboard, managing internships, schedules, intake of clothing, and running around like a headless chook for the most part.


EAT: Clam bar!!!
VISIT: Nimbus co in BondiNON-NEGOTIABLE: Aperol at Freda's on Friday with a sunset.

We are obsessed with how you've styled the Mia pump. Was there anything in particular that drew you tot his style?

I absolutely love a statement shoe, I’m a shoe girl through and through so anything that stands out I must have. I love all things that sparkle and shine. They’re the perfect little office shoe for me to trot around in and still look fabulous!

Shop Isabella's look:

Last but not least, what's your biggest sartorial dilemma?

"What the fuck do I wear today?"

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